Patay na ba ang Tagalog? At ano ang Tagalog para sa salitang “Ass”?

A few days back, I watched a news program delivered in the vernacular…which means that I got a massive dose of quaint Tagalog words I no longer hear in regular day-to-day conversations. If you mention words like “angkat”, “pangdaigdigang merkado” and “Hanging Habagat” to anyone today outside of a newsroom, you would probably get teased. They would either ask if you are running for public office or if you are doing a Cristy Fermin impression. Which got me to thinking: is Tagalog dead?

As a person who was once obsessed with writing poems in the stylings of Balagtas   – don’t laugh but I once wrote a poem with the bloodcurdling title “Punyal sa Hangal na Puso”. Hey, hey, hey, I told you not to laugh –   I refuse to believe that Tagalog is dead. It’s more like it’s in the ICU and with the right medication and clinical management, it can still be saved. Which is why from now on, I will devote one day per week to writing blog entries in Tagalog. I will also try to promote the language further by highlighting and giving the meaning to a difficult Tagalog word I might chance upon.

By the way, according to my ultra-conservative, pericolonial times English-Filipino Dictionary (it comes with a friar leering behind your back checking if you’re looking for swear words), “Ass” in Tagalog means “buriko”, “asno” or “kabayong buro”.




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